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PREMIUM CTA XB TORQUE ANCHOR                             PDF  for PREMIUM DTA XB TORQUE ANCHOR pdf printable brochure
The Premium CTA XB Torque Anchor is a variation of one of the longest running, most successful torque anchors on the market. There are over 20,000 installs of the DTA XB and CTA XB throughout the world and they continue to be one of the most sought after torque anchors in the industry.

The CTA XB (previously known as Centralizing Dynamic Torque Anchor) was designed to enhance the DTA XB to help reduce premature anchor block wear caused by the harmonics created by PC Pumps.

The XB (Extra Bypass) is a standard feature of the Premium CTA Torque Anchor that offers a larger area around the torque anchor for gas bypass and to discourage sand bridging. Due to all the benefits the DTA XB provides over the standard DTA, Premium offers all Premium DTA torque anchors with the Extra Bypass (XB) as a standard feature.

By adding a set of drag blocks, the damaging harmonics are absorbed before reaching the anchor blocks that are engaged onto the casing. By sacrificing the more durable drag blocks, the run life of the CTA XB is greatly extended.

The Premium CTA XB Torque Anchor Redress Kit is able to redress all CTA & CTA XB torque anchors, even one sold years ago.

The CTA XB Torque Anchor is available for all casing sizes with a variety of connection sizes and types.

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