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"DOWNHOLE RESETTABLE" CLUTCHED TUBING SWIVEL                             PDF  for pdf printable brochure
The Premium “Downhole Resettable” Clutched Tubing Swivel allows the user to set left or right hand set tension anchors, disengage the clutch and rotate freely under tension. If the tubing string needs to be moved, the swivel can be easily re-set downhole, allowing the tension anchor to be unset and the tubing can be moved freely. When in position, the tension anchor can be re-set and the swivel can be disengaged again for free rotation. This unique feature will result in considerable savings in rig time and reduce the production down time by eliminating the need to trip the tubing to re-set the swivel at surface.

**Patent Pending**     *Premium ALS is pleased to offer other connection sizes and types*

The Premium “Downhole Resettable” Clutch Tubing Swivel is easily redressed with the appropriate redress kit.

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