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PREMIUM SAND SEPARATOR                 PDF for SAND SEPARATOR pdf printable brochure
The new Premium Sand Separator is designed to separate sand and other sediments from the wellbore liquids, prior to entering the pump.

Centrifugal forces will force the solids to separate towards the inside wall of the separation chamber, while the liquids (clear of solids) will be produced through the central flow tube.

The separated solids will accumulate in the sump attached to the bottom of the separator (i.e. tail pipe). This sump can be periodically cleaned during a pump change or it can be flushed if a Premium Purge Valve is installed at the bottom of the sump.

The Premium Sand Separator can be used in conjunction with Rod Pumps or PC Pumps.

In a Rod Pump application, the length of the housing can be adjusted to also allow the separation of free gas. In this case, the design would be similar with the Premium Rod Pump Gas Separator with the added benefit of sand separation.

The Premium Sand Separator is available in either Regular Steel Housing or Stainless Steel Housing configurations. The Stainless Steel housing offers superior protection in corrosive environments and greatly extends the life of the tool.

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