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MULTI SET TORQUE ANCHOR                             PDF  for MULTI SET TORQUE ANCHOR pdf printable brochure
The new Premium Multi Set Torque Anchor is the only torque anchor with anchor blocks that are completely protected from damage or wear while running or tripping tubing. This feature allows for multiple runs without need for repairs.

The unique design of the Multi Set Torque Anchor incorporates a set of drag blocks that protect the anchor blocks until the torque anchor is ready to be set. Once set, the anchor blocks engage the casing to prevent the torque from the PC Pump to be applied to the tubing. When unset, the anchor blocks recede back behind the drag blocks for the trip out the well.

Another feature benefit is that when set, the Multi Set Torque Anchor is centralized in the casing with a larger bypass area than most existing centralized anchors. The centralizing feature holds the pump in the center of the casing, thereby reducing the stress on the rotor head and reducing the harmonics from the pump.

The Multi Set Torque Anchor is available for all casing sizes with a variety of connection sizes and types.

*Alternative connections and specially engineered sizes are available upon request*
US Patent No. 7,900,708
Canadian & International Patents Pending
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