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ROD PUMP GAS SEPARATOR                             PDF  for ROD PUMP GAS SEPARATOR pdf printable brochure
The Premium Rod Pump Gas Separator is designed to separate free gas from wellbore fluids prior to entering the pump, eliminating many pump related problems such as gas locking, decreased production rates and reduced efficiencies.

The Rod Pump Gas Separator is installed directly below the rod pump making the pump intake through the gas separator. During the upstroke of the pump, the fluid mixture is drawn into the gas separator through ports at the top of the tool. During the down stroke or “quiet time”, the free gas separates from this fluid mixture and exhausts out of these same ports on the gas separator. The remaining liquid in the gas separator is drawn into the pump through ports at the bottom of the inner dip tube during the next upstroke. Therefore, the upstroke of the pump draws separated liquids into the pump at the same time a new fluid mixture is being drawn into the gas separator ready for gas separation during the next “quiet time”.

Our Rod Pump Gas Separators are engineered to allow sizing to be as simple as determining your pump volumes and choosing a separator size that will accommodate the maximum expected pump rate. This design also allows for multiple units to be run in tandem, allowing for higher fluid production.

Premium ALS offers the Rod Pump Gas Separator in either Regular Steel Housing or Stainless Steel Housing configurations. The Stainless Steel housing offers superior protection in corrosive environments and greatly extends the life of the tool.

*Premium ALS is pleased to offer other connection sizes and types*
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