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SPIRAL JET PC PUMP GAS SEPARATOR                             PDF  for SPIRAL JET PC PUMP GAS SEPARATOR pdf printable brochure
The Premium Spiral Jet (PSJ) PC Pump Gas Separator separates free gas from fluid prior to entering Progressive Cavity (PC) pumps and helps avoid costly pump damage.

The Spiral Jet PC Pump Gas Separator separates free gas from fluids by centrifugally forcing the heavier solids and liquids to the outside of the inner housing, allowing the separated gas to follow the flow path of the gas separation mandrel. Once the separated gas reaches the end of the separation mandrel, it is exhausted out of the Spiral Jet into the casing annulus. The gas-free solids and liquids then continue into the PC Pump and up the tubing.

With no moving parts, the Spiral Jet is a trouble free downhole gas separator that can provide up to 85% separation efficiency.

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