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SIMPLE SET TORQUE ANCHOR                             PDF  for SIMPLE SET TORQUE ANCHOR pdf printable brochure
The new Premium Simple Set Torque Anchor is our newest torque anchor offering a reliable anchoring design at a reduced cost compared to other torque anchors.

The Simple Set Torque Anchor comes with a box connection on top and pin connection of the bottom. The anchoring operation is achieved with a single mandrel anchor block and a single housing anchor block that offers a solid anchoring system. The Simple Set Torque Anchor has complete mechanical assembly design to ensure there are no welds to break or crack downhole.

The repair costs are lower than other economical designs as the Simple Set Torque Anchorís replacement parts are limited to the mandrel and housing anchor blocks.
The Simple Set Torque Anchor is available for all casing sizes with a variety of connection sizes and types.

*Alternative connections and specially engineered sizes are available upon request*
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